The Marv Band 2.0 is a product used by both pitchers and hitters in baseball and softball. The improved product includes the patented Marv Handle, wrist / ankle straps, door / pole anchors and 2 pairs of adjustable bands at 10lbs, 20lbs and 40lbs. The product is designed to be adjustable from 10 - 70lbs. It also includes a pvc manual for arm care and hitting movement prep. 


  • Includes free training programs for arm care and hitting movement prep
  • Features unique patented handle, wrist / ankle straps
  • 3 pairs of resistance bands (10lb, 20lb & 40lb)
  • Adjustable from 10-70lbs
  • Promotes proper hitting mechanics 
  • Provides extra muscle activation for scapular stabilization muscles as well as the muscles that help protect the UCL
  • Unique handle provides for multiple new exercises in various grips
  • Used by players and coaches in the MLB, NFL, NBA as well as numerous top programs throughout the NCAA

Marv Bands

  • The MARV Band's unparalleled handle design supports multiple grips that provide for various unique exercises.

  • Used by athletes in the MLB, NFL and NBA, this product has numerous patents for its design that has been proven to increase muscle activation by 30%.

  • Wide Range of resistances available on our Original Bands, Braided Bands, and our 2.0 Bands.